Welcome to THE 71

Here you will find quick tips and in-depth how-to instructions to help you navigate life’s logistics, including travel, caring for a loved one, professional development, grief, health and fitness, skincare, and general life organization.

I’m not one for hacks or shortcuts. My philosophy includes taking calculated risks and leaps of faith, performing research, investing time into worthwhile pursuits

This is called THE 71 for a few reasons. I take somewhat abnormal pride in my birth year of 1971 and feel an affinity toward others (people, businesses, and products like) born in 1971. Age 71 is when my late mom’s health started to decline, and caring for her while working full time and going to grad school completely changed my perspective on life and how I interact with others.

Lastly, in numerology, 71 is associated with introspection and efficiency, both of which serve as a foundation for this blog.